Sutherland Shire Council Community Services & Arts Grant

1 January 2015
Congratulations to the SGSCC disAbility team, who have successfully received a Grant in Sutherland Shire Council Community Services & Arts Grants Program.
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The funds will be used to support the creation and development of SGSCC disAbility Empowerment Films. This  film group aims to comprehensively involve persons with a disability in the complete process of film making. SGSCC disAbility has successfully entered films for the past two years in the NOVA Ability Short Film Competition:

  • In 2013 the entry came second in the popular vote category - watch Heart & Soul
  • And in 2014 the entry won the most online votes runner up category - watch Mission Possible

Filming for 2013 and 2014 took place in many Sutherland Shire locations. This has enabled people with a disability to be part of the community, to be seen doing creative and interesting pursuits, to display a positive image to the wider community of the abilities of people with a disability.  International students from a wide variety of countries who study at SGSCC were also involved, as well as intergenerational involvement with one of our senior volunteers and other people in the community such as a professional actor and Batman. This inclusive and collaborative approach has seen students and people with varying abilities, ages and nationalities working together to create film and images resulting in great self-esteem and feelings of accomplishments for all.

However entering film competitions is just one aspect of the SGSCC disAbility Empowerment Films which aims to further increase participation to all of our SGSCC disAbility students who wish to be involved but whose mobility issues and skill level have created some challenges and barriers to participation.

The grant funds will build on extremely limited equipment currently used to enable greater involvement by participants, more available techniques with greater satisfaction and a “professional” result.

Thank you again to the Sutherland Shire Council. 

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