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Client, Parent/Carer Information

Current available programs are in a state of transition from Program-centric ADHC funded to individual packages. Services and programs are dependent on current ADHC funding and guidelines.

SGSCC disAbility manages Individual Packages in order to meet the choices, goals and aspirations of the client within that individual package. A service plan and budget is developed in line with the person’s goals and funding.

For more information about current programs see My College or contact SGSCC disAbility on or 02 8543 7429.

Client, Parent/Carer Manual

To assist clients, parents and carers when becoming part of the SGSCC disAbility community a manual has been developed to help answer some of the questions you might have.  Download the Client Information Manual.

The purpose of this Manual is to introduce clients, parents and carers to SGSCC disAbility and give you some information about our history, our clients and what we do. You will also find information about terms and conditions of service and support. This manual should be read in conjunction with your Person Centred Plan and any Service Agreement.

This Manual is by no means an exhaustive guide. It has been developed to act as a resource and reference for you. The items within this Manual are listed and easily accessed via the contents page. This Manual will be updated as required as our service evolves and responds to your needs and feedback. If you have any questions about the content or would like to suggest improvements on the manual please do not hesitate to contact us on or phone 8543 7429. 

Hours of operation

Individualised support: Monday to Sunday
Day Program: Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm


There will be a Term Fee which is set for each individual, depending on the amount of hours they access our service. This will be discussed further with you when you meet with your Support Planner. 

NSW Disability Service Standards

These standards underpin SGSCC disAbility:

1. Rights

  • You know and understand your rights and can expect to have them respected
  • SGSCC disAbility upholds and promotes the legal and human rights of each person

2. Participation and Inclusion

  • You are encouraged and supported to participate in your community in ways that are important to you
  • SGSCC disAbility  develops connections with the community to promote opportunities for active and meaningful participation

3. Individual Outcomes

  • SGSCC disAbility maximises person centred decision making
  • We undertake person centred approaches to planning to enable each person to achieve their individual outcomes

4. Feedback and Complaints

  • You are treated fairly by SGSCC disAbility when making a complaint
  • You are provided with information and support to make a complaint
  • We handle and manage your complaint quickly and effectively

5. Service Access

  • SGSCC disAbility provides you with information about our services
  • We have clearly defined processes to access our services

6. Service Management

  • You receive quality services which are effectively and efficiently governed
  • You receive quality services that are well managed and delivered by staff with the right values, attitudes, goals and experience

For more information about the NSW Disability Service Standards visit  the Standards in action - ADHC website.