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Our Philosophy

Our Purpose is to empower people with a disability to live a life they choose.

Our Values:

Passion and creativity: Our passion and creativity is limitless in our partnership with the people we support

Respect & Empowerment: We respect everyone and we will empower the people we support to gain control in the choices they make to achieve their hopes and dreams.

Integrity: We will ensure what we do is what we believe. We will have integrity in all that we do.


Our Quality Commitment:

SGSCC disAbility is committed to the implementation and compliance with the National Disability Standards.

SGSCC disAbility has been awarded a Certificate of Registration by HDAA in 2014. This third party verification ensures that we operate our service delivery systems in compliance with the National Disability Standards, the NSW Disability Standards and relevant legislation.


The NSW Disability Standards:

  • Standard 1: Rights - You have the right to be treated fairly when you use disability services.
  • Standard 2: Participation and Inclusion - You can take part in the community and feel included when you use disability services.
  • Standard 3: Individual Outcomes - Your service supports you to make choices about what you want to do. You can work toward your goals.
  • Standard 4: Feedback and Complaints - You can tell people what you think about the services you receive.
  • Standard 5: Service Access - Finding and using services is fair. You can access the services you need.
  • Standard 6: Service Management - Disability services should be managed well.


View the National Standards for Disability Services easy English document

View the Standards in Action manual